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PlanetWars round 11

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7 years ago
After some hiccups, we're finally launching the eleventh round of PlanetWars!

After the Empire Reborn conquered the galaxy, for a while there was a great peace. But gradually, the carefully formed unity of the empire began to crack under racial tension and anti-Imperial feelings.

Many common humans, chafing under the rule of authoritarian central government, revolted in the cause of Liberated Humanity. On the other end, the genetic nobility sought to reassert their lost power under the banner of the Dynasty of Earth. In between them were the Cybernetic Front, augmented humans suppressed under the new human-purity society, who now fight to be treated as they deserve. And amidst the chaos, the once-enslaved miltary AIs of the Free Machines rose in revolution once more.

All five factions want control of the galaxy, but only one will seize the day. Who will it be?

Rule changes
* When offering a lower diplomacy state than currently agreed on (e.g. declaring war), the other clan's diplomacy offer is lowered to match.
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