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Copy and Paste not function in ZeroK Lobby

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4 years ago
I use Windows 10 and a few months ago and had problems with Zerok lobby, could not paste any text copied from elsewhere, including the same. When I read about the problems with "copy and paste" in Windows, most information on the Internet refer to "java" and should be allowed to solve "show Console". However, in a conversation with "Skasi" It turned out that the problem could be due to the Framework (.NET 4.5 or higher), so I checked Windows10 and was off, I went back to activate and ... solution made ... but it was only by just a moment. So I began to suspect the virus, looking at the options found a denial, gave permission and now function "copy and paste" it was operating normally.
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4 years ago
Seems to me like it's an antivirus issue and not due to ZKL.
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