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Screen Blinking

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4 years ago
My screen blinking before start the game. Some solutions?
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4 years ago
Are you, by any chance, using any of the following:

- Linux
- Linux nvidia drivers
- Linux nvidia drivers for an optimus gpu
- Linux nvidia drivers for an optimus gpu via primusrun
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4 years ago
Not, I am using Windows, video ati HD4770, settings minimal.
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4 years ago
1) what color does it blink
2) what frequency does it blink
3) what parts excactly do blink
4) does anything you do alter the blinking (moving mouse, clicking things,..)
5) does it still blink if you press F5
6) does resizing the window alter the blinking in any way
7) does it still blink if you type: /luaui disable
8) does it still blink if you type: /cheats and then: /luarules disable
9) what version of game+engine do blink
10) do old versions of game also blink
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4 years ago
When did it start blinking? I asked you earlier in the lobby but you said about 2 weeks ago. That doesn't make sense to me.
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4 years ago
for me this strongly sounds like a graphic/driver(/component) problem.
i would do following...
try change ingame graphic settings specially screenmode fullscreen/windowed,
try update graphic drivers
try update directx
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4 years ago
How does the blinking make you feel?
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