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Advertising database compiled, need clearance before I try to post on certain site

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Alright, I compile the advertising list. need some Devs to eyeball the potential advertising page before I go ahead and try to post zero-k there.

Potential list is on 2nd sheet. Link below:

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4 years ago
Half of these actually don't have anything to do with advertising but instead are meant to provide information like Wikipedia for example. These kind of sites usually do not take kindly on people that force real advertisment there.

There is also few very weird possition, that in my opinion should simply be ignored as it is simply insignificant. I fimd it amusing that tvtropes is on this list that's all.

I have never heard of any of the proposed sites at any point in my life besides itch.io which I suppose is worth looking at since it is a rather popular place for indies.

Imo the biggest focus should be placed on places that are known to bring new players, that is: indiedb/moddb, greenlinght and teamliquid forums.
All of these are awfuly out of date and need upgrading.
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4 years ago
indiedb/moddb was updated [got about 100 view]

Steam Greenlight: I was not granted privilege despite request [It was a bug or something not sure], I updated as much as I could

teamliquid forums somebody else said that they would do it, and they was waiting for steam release to do it. personally, I think the Dynamic light is a big visual change that could prompt an update but what do I know.
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4 years ago
Well I hope you will get to do it. You've already did a great job with indiedb/moddb.

To be frank I've wanted to do something about this for long time ago myself. Problem is that my language skills were never up for this task.
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4 years ago
Are you aware how many different installers are floating around because people have spammed zero-K all over the interweb?
Do you know if they work?
https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K-Infrastructure/issues/963 Nice example of installer kessler syndrome.
If I was to install new software and it spills files all over the desktop or whatever I would instantly delete it and download as much antivirus as I can fit onto computer. I bet everyone who had downloaded the game in last days (weeks?) did excactly that.
Or random lobby crashes? https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K-Infrastructure/issues/957 Sure that must have effect on first impression?
Volkswagen did not run superbowl ad this year, maybe zero-K should also test/fix stuff before spamming more.
Maybe first try to keep ONE page/profile updated for a year, and if that worked then spam more.
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AS you can see DErank[2up]knorke I am heavily involved in all the issues you said.

That is why it's even more important that this database is tended to, so that these peripheral sites can be updated.

While it would be great if we can just redirect all of them to our download page, the truth of the matter is that most of them do not support such redirection. And I suppose their user wouldn't agree to the redirection either [just because they are not used to it]. Well if the mountain won't come to us, we have to go to the mountain. if they require manual update then manual update we have to give then.

now I disagree with only advertise at one source [just my personal oppinion]. No game is ever finished. So what if we crashed, so what if we suck, we are no worse than an average indie game/early access game and they still advertise. I think you should adjust your expectation. when you look at us don't think starcraft, don't think warcraft, think indie.

Of course, we suck. Of course, we make mistakes. But we have to fail to learn - the reason why I appreciate your input DErank[2up]knorke . The reason why we are not fixing all the problems is lack of manpower I think [not sure].

which lead right back to why I am doing this.

1. non of this is Big advertising move [this is a trail run to see what we have problem with]
2. This is [hopefully] an improvement of communication and will lead to better advertising overall.
3. We are opensource. Therefore, the number of players is directly proportional with manpower either in the form of will to contribute of number of contributors [Devs feel happier to develop if they know game is being play, new players can become Devs]

your criticism is welcome, as always DErank[2up]knorke
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4 years ago
Starting to get a feel for advertising is good. I would hold off on anything that even seems like a push for now, simply because right now the game is in a state where it will turn away far more players than it will attract.

Until we fix our new user experience we should not try to attract much attention at all.

I'm very glad to see someone grabbing the reins on advertising. Thank you for that. Just please take it slow for now.
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4 years ago
Would ZK work in http://portableapps.com/apps so we could "advertising" there too?
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