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Super weapon its just boring no micro "WIN BUTTON"

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3 years ago
What changes if we just add WIN BUTTON instead superweapon.
Write now DRP, Starlight and Zenith too overpowerfull, and have one another problem this is annoing.
So try explain.
DRP - have some of various projectle, but emp projectle is imbalanced, becouse firing emp alomst in any point of map, another flame projactle is annoinng and dont give a micro in point defened with wall, so its just need over 30 sec alomst in no matter point of map to clear this.
Firstly and this priority remove emp projectle becose its most of imbalanced thing.
Another aspects its remove annoing - flame rpojactle and decrease speed of fire over 25%. All of this can give a chance to fight for one player who do nothing just spend money to do no react boring "win button", and this as for any of trio superweapons.
This change give chance, so, yea, superweapon got weeked, but now 95% games losted vs rdy superweapons, if another team cant have tacnuke in this range in a front. Its really boring for who do superweapon, and disapoint for enemy team.
Next Zenith its annoing more than another two taken together. Coldtown between asteroids need increased minimum twice, so as indemnity get stronger asteroids damage. Its get less annoing and can player got a change to react.
And as final Starlight, its good but need some micro penalty, as cost of boring do nothing just sit and gather superweapon, got a ping to react(5 sec), its giving chanche for microing strider like bantha. And sligthly nerf damage, especially in impulse.

Nuke nerfed enough, and protector so powerfull now, its too bad
Another thing about nerf its notify players when superweapons rdy over 80%, and giving chance to react.
Who do nothing and just going to sit in a ass and spend metal to nothing, in a hope to complete this, and win game just becose this point in the map not explored in the time, need a penalty vs who play and microing, react.
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
The moment when it exist already...
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DRP, Starlight and Zenith are the win button. They are not supposed to be easily counterable, if you let your opponent build a 40K M unit you've done something wrong.
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To the Nuke whiners: Watch some (of my) FFAs. If I win, I win them with nukes, every time.

But bear in mind that nuke doesn't win you games, it's a way to win won games. Nuke/Superwep rush is not effective in team nor FFA games.

About the superweapons: Put Rafal, Yog, Svato, OGS, Flipper, Jasper and 400 in a pot and observe. Unless they nab out, nobody will ever get the chance to make use of a superwep before he hasn't secured a majority of the metal(at which point any move wins). If one gets completed you'll be able to enjoy the show of either a strider push, a cloaked assault, a drop, some krows, a swarm of shadows or a firework of tacnukes.
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3 years ago
Nuke is not weak.

Superweapons are supposed to be super.

Instead of thinking of DRP as a unit, think of it as a wonder. Once it's up you've got a certain amount of time to destroy it or you lose. Except, in AoE, wonders cost 3000 resources (for scale, a raider in aoe2 costs 80, similar to a raider in zk) and genuinely require zero micro. If your opponents side manages to hide 30,000-40,000 resources you deserve to lose. For that cost you could have 15-20 grizzly smashing down their front door. Not to mention you should have more income due to having units that exert map control.

If you find superweapons OP, it's likely because you turtle up and don't exert any pressure, or you play on maps that are chokier than a dominatrix.
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3 years ago
They are not supposed to be easily counterable, if you let your opponent build a 40K M unit you've done something wrong.

Either that or game has lasted ~2 hours and no one has budged an inch.
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3 years ago
...game has lasted ~2 hours and no one has budged an inch.

...you've done something wrong.

(Though sometimes the wrong thing was the map choice.)
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