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!specafk and auto spec on start

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16 months ago
This was a very useful function.

Specing a player who is afk without the host-admin or a vote is pretty useful, very few reasons why an afk player should be allowed to stay in the play list, they can always return to playing list on return, leave them a notice theyve been speced if you must.

eg. if there a large game, 2 guys have gone to the shops and the original host is speccing and gone attend to a stove catching fire.

The rest must proceed with 2 lengthy votes to remove these players from ruining the game balance.

You cant 'train' people to not let this happen, it always will.

Also on launch, incase people miss the afk tag.

This prevents wasteful restarts, its a no brainer to me.

But, Im open to arguments to not have it.

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16 months ago

This function looks amazing, why must it have been deleted?
I'm sure it was removed because it was just too much work, that's all
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16 months ago
(edited 16 months ago)

I didn't realize !specafk is no longer there. That was pretty useful.

However, I'm one of the people affected by the auto spec on start.
I will be away from keyboard between games, since it's time enough to get a cup of tea or something.
Also, the afk counter is aggressive, and even if I do other things on the computer (not interacting with the lobby), I get marked as AFK even as I am clearly on the keyboard, and will hear when the vote / game starts.
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16 months ago
The afk counter is purely client side, so you can always disable it (at your own risk). But for those that want to use the feature auto spec would be nice.
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