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When should something be in OFFTOPIC or ASYLUM?

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14 months ago
(edited 14 months ago)

when should I place something in Asylum, and why can't it be in offtopic?
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14 months ago
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14 months ago
Yes ESrankAdminhokomoko but there is also content in the assylum that isn't inflammatory.
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14 months ago
(edited 14 months ago)

Off topic when it's not related to Zero-K. Examples: good songs?, Too OP?, League of Legends / Hearthstone.

Asylum is slightly more complex: When writing a post you need to roll a 20 sided dice. If you roll a 1 then it goes into the Asylum. Sometimes people are too lazy to roll the dice themselves, so occasionally an admin has to do it and then if necessary move the post/thread.
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