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17 months ago
(edited 17 months ago)

Happy new year lobsters, and may the metal be with you.
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17 months ago
das wünsche ich auch.

I also wish.
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17 months ago
(edited 17 months ago)

Zero-K new years resolutions:

* finally release self on Steam
* embrace and integrate the 3 new AIs so lobster supper for one can be cooked.
* give up smoking & admin drama
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17 months ago

Happy Russian Christmas!
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17 months ago
Ugh... I hate selfies. Why would you show me your kitties ikinz?
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17 months ago
(edited 17 months ago)

I wanted to make an orf jealous.

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17 months ago
That's one kickass bloom filter. Can we get that implemented?
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17 months ago
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Good luck with steam release one of these years! I can't wait for the 2017 promises, they are always juicy and entertaining!

Don't forget to reimplement LobLib for the forums, a must-have feature such as this one should not be left off or you risk losing players!

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16 months ago
[so sick of your constant sarcasm.]

so sick of your smurfs
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16 months ago
(edited 16 months ago)

Don't get how this guy created all these accounts 6 years ago only to use them now. He was planning his trolling in advance or what.
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