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Camera movement speed

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40 days ago
Since last update my camera movement is very "coarse"/fast. Tried to change "Camera pan speed" - no visible effect. Tried to change OverheadScrollSpeed in settings, got reset and no visible effect.

How can I configure this? Am I the only one having this type of issues?
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38 days ago
For my first forum entry I will say thay I have the same issue
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38 days ago
Problem seems to be option "OverheadScrollSpeed". When I run chobby it appears in the springsettings.cfg with the value of 50, even if I set it to 0 or delete it before. If I start the engine by itself, without chobby or the option set it works as before. I can't find where this is set (also engine default seems to be 10, so no clue where the 50 appears).

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38 days ago
(edited 38 days ago)

That sounds as though an option is being set by Chobby (that is how some of them work now). Look under Settings/Interface in the Chobby menu.
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37 days ago
Yes, I have tried changing all the values there (the option "Camera pan speed" mentioned in the first post is there), but to no effect.

Found it in the end in the Chobby code (seems github search is not full text search in repository). The default value there is 50.

Seems there is a similar issue opened: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Chobby/issues/11
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