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Chobby crashes kwin on launch

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17 months ago
(edited 17 months ago)

For some reason, Chobby sometimes crashes kwin (my window mangager) on launch. This has always happened to me, but this is after a clean reinstall of Zero-k. This bug has no ingame effect, but after I close Chobby, I realize that all my window titlebars have disappeared. Restarting X.Org or the system corrects this.

OS: Kubuntu 16.10
Kwin version: 4:5.7.5-0ubuntu2
Infolog: [url=http://pastebin.com/RMS3HXjK]http://pastebin.com/RMS3HXjK

Any idea what causes this?

Edit: I've manged to pinpoint the issue and it only happens (and always happens) when "Lobby Display Mode" is set to fullscreen.
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17 months ago
It made a mess of my resolution on lxde so it's definitely not KDE exclusive. My situation is more complicated (got two monitors that aren't the same resolution, and I move Chobby from one place to another, changed multiple settings, etc.), so hard to reproduce.
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17 months ago
The thing with fullscreen and certain resolutions different from your desktop usual resolution on Linux is that there is more than one way to switch resolutions, and things can go wrong when apps expect different versions of stuff.

xrandr -s 0
in a terminal also fixes this (this resets default display device resolution to maximum).
Because of this reason, SDL2 and most games allow borderless window fullscreen, and if your game is in a window, you can often just press ctrl+alt+f or Meta+f to switch it to something that behaves almost exactly like a fullscreen app. Check your window manager settings for "Toggle fullscreen" shortcuts.
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