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chobby problems

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14 days ago
chobby is excellent but it does not work. besides various crash loading of the game when I can finally play, I have the monitor screen of the windowed game. Although he tried all settings, both in the lobby and in graphics, when the game begins, my screen is always in the window. I tried in every way, but it is always in the game windowed. as well as a monitor as my 24 "turns 12", and I move all the icons of the player's name, map, units etc., I can not see the map, and to play it properly. thanks for the help.

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14 days ago
Please try deleting Luaui/Config and LuaMenu/Config and Springsettings.cfg
(Or create empty folder, put chobby.exe thre and copy maps there)
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13 days ago
It's definitely not excellent then :)
I'd like to try debugging this windowed issue of yours this week.

The latest infolog of yours that I have is https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/issues/408, and it suggests that fullscreen is being set to 0 for some reason. Can you try starting a simple skirmish game against an AI with Chobby, and upload that infolog on http://pastebin.com/

Also can you verify that your settings look like this? Please take a screenshot.

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13 days ago
i deleted file Luaui/Config and LuaMenu/Config and Springsettings.cfg and now all works. now it's only excellent :).
thx all
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10 days ago
(edited 10 days ago)

This lobby randomly restarts games I'm playing.
Seems happened when battle ended. strange
and endsceen was "Battle Aborted" when I finally managed to catch up
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9 days ago
chobby is excellent but it does not work.

make me laught.
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