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Set target priority

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19 months ago
I would like to know what happens when I use set target on multiple units.

I cannot get a good look at that because my units end up either decimating the enemy or getting a new order.

Do the units priorities closer opponents?
Do they spread fire? Sometimes they spread their fire across or they focus it all on one unit.

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19 months ago
Each of your units can only have one set target command and the target of this command is a single unit or position on the terrain. If the target of their set target command is dead or out or range then they revert to default targeting. Each of your units only receives one set target command when you give an area set target command.

You can see a units set target in the same way as you see their other commands. Holding shift shows all commands by default. When giving an area set target command I think the orders are assigned based on proximity, each unit is given a set target order on the closest enemy in the area. There is a modifer to set target and it probably does split attack. I have not thought about this for a while so am not sure about the behaviour or what the modifier is.
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19 months ago
You can also do funny things like this:

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