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New Under Fire System

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13 months ago
While playing, I sometimes find that I don't look at the grey text that comes up saying metal extractor under attack, or some other variant of that. The only unit that actually plays a sound when attacked (that I know of) is the commander.

Could it be implemented that a red X drops onto the mini-map when units are under fire, about every 30 seconds or so, unless the player is looking at the battle and that a sound similar, but different to the 'Commander Under Fire' sound is played to go along with the red X dropping onto the mini-map?
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13 months ago
Damage already causes a(n admittedly faint) circle on the minimap.

Implementing a sound sounds like sound plan because it's how it works in all other games so nubs expect that to exist (ticket).
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13 months ago
(edited 13 months ago)

There's already yellow/red circles on the minimap that increase in intensity as value or damage goes up (not sure which). Attacking sounds are also pretty loud and a good hint that something is under attack.

How about a setting to increase/reduce the visibility of the minimap warning effect?
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13 months ago
How about a setting

What matters is the default.

I wouldn't mind an opacity setting but if there's a decent default it'd mostly be useless.
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