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By pressing RMB disappears the interface.

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13 months ago
(edited 13 months ago)

Hello! After the upgrade, when you press the right mouse button to close the interface elements. It became impossible to cancel the construction. It is very difficult to play a disappearing interface is annoying. Helps only roll back to the default settings, but it is long and many events occur.
Please tell me how to fix it.
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13 months ago
I think this occurs on ZK v1.5.4.20 but unfortunately that seems to be the most recent stable that chobby can see (sometimes). If you do !game zk:stable in a multiplayer host it seems to host ZK v1.5.4.19 which does not have this issue.
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13 months ago
.19 version has com jump bug,both are super annoying.
Pls revert to older working version untill that is fixed.
or give us old weblobby so we can change version.
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