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I need a widget to deal with 0 storage

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13 months ago
In case anyone's up for the task: I need a widget that either automatically queues a storage when I'm at 0 or tells me that I don't have any storage in a non-malicious way that I definitely can not miss. The latter should stop telling me as soon as I start building one.
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13 months ago
(edited 13 months ago)

I suggest to pair it with a couple of electrodes connected to ur ass
so each time u are at 0 for longer than 3 seconds and no storage queued u'd get a nice charge
after a couple of weeks playing like this u'd train uself to avoid this negative stimulus :P
lob lob
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13 months ago
(edited 13 months ago)

What if that's my fetish though? Then I'd learn to never build storages. And my elo would probably drop by 300. Hmm. And I'd probably suicide my comm every game. Or I'd stop playing ZK altogether and play with the electrodes myself.
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