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Mexes giving less metal over time

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12 months ago
Imagine a gamemode where overdrive works against a logarithmically shrinking base income
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12 months ago
(edited 12 months ago)

Pretty sure the "mexes giving less metal over time" idea already came up at least once.

On that note, we also had a modoption for C&C-style resource spawning metal spots.
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12 months ago
I'm unsure what that would do. It would likely depend heavily on the map.
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12 months ago
And you can still this C&C style tiberium mode on http://zero-k.info/Maps/DetailName?name=FastestMapForever%201, where tiberium grows first in all base spots and slowly wanders towards the middle. I really like this game mechanic.
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12 months ago
Link broken:


Played once, it was fun
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