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Refining MM 1v1 map cycle

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14 months ago
Any chance we could arrange a vote based series of maps for MM 1v1?.. I find often maps repeating that are not too great, and near never classic 1v1 maps. we all have our tastes but i still think the maps are not correct.

Not sure how this could be done.
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14 months ago
My biggest gripe is when i play it's mostly these maps:

La Isla Bonita v1.1
Adansonia v4.1
Crubick Plains v1.2

They look the same and play kinda similar.

La usla is a ffa map to me, and crubic is annoying. Adansonia is bareable.
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14 months ago
Here is the list, for reference: http://zero-k.info/Maps?mapSupportLevel=3&size=Any&sea=Any&hills=Any&elongated=Any&assymetrical=Any&special=0&isTeams=Any&is1v1=true&ffa=Any&chicken=Any&isDownloadable=1&needsTagging=false&search=

Current maps

Here are the current maps.

Here are the maps that I like enough to keep in the pool. They also represent a reasonably wide variety of games:
  • Fairyland
  • Intersection
  • Hide and Seek
  • Trojan Hills
  • Titan Duel

These maps have nothing particularly wrong with them. Perhaps they could be switched out for similar maps for the sake of variety:
  • Badlands
  • Barren
  • Vittra
  • Wanderlust
  • Eye of Horus - It is a bit metal heavy.
  • Lonely Oasis - Too many hard boundaries.
  • Adansonia - Probably keep one of Adansonia and Lonely Oasis. I think I prefer Adansonia.
  • Red Comet
  • Avalanche
  • Living Lands
  • Obsidian
  • Isle of Grief

I'd remove these maps:
  • Valles Marineris - Often ends up as an unintersting economy victory.
  • La Isla Bonita - Often ends up as an unintersting economy victory.
  • Crubick Plains - Often ends up as an unintersting economy victory.
  • Onyx Cauldron - Annoying coastlines.
  • Into Battle - RPS in the startboxes. Visually uninteresting.


Here are some suggestions.

Some little seen maps that I would like to see more of:
  • Calayo
  • Tandem Craters
  • Archers Valley
  • Desert Plateaus

Some high economy maps:
  • Desert Needle Small
  • Iceland
  • Bandit Plains
  • Finns Revenge

Red comet style maps:
  • Dune Patrol
  • IncultaV2
  • Alien Desert

Some small maps:
  • Cooper Hill
  • Geyser Plains
  • Altair Crossing
  • Iced Coffee
  • Quicksilver
  • Aquatic Divide
  • Tartarus
  • Desert Cliffs
  • Zion
  • Frozen Planet
  • Icy Shell

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14 months ago
For lack of a better way to do this ill just mark, Keep, remove, undecided (1-3). IMHO

Current maps.

Fairyland - K
Intersection - U
Hide and Seek - U
Trojan Hills - U
Titan Duel - K
Badlands - K
Barren - U
Vittra - K
Wanderlust - K
Eye of Horus - K
Lonely Oasis - R
Adansonia - K
Red Comet - K
Avalanche - U
Living Lands - K
Obsidian - U
Isle of Grief - K
Valles Marineris - K
La Isla Bonita - R
Crubick Plains - R
Onyx Cauldron - U
Into Battle - K

with that i mostly agree with the cycle.

Requested maps:

Ravaged !!
Fields of Isis
Zed 2
lowland divide
Aquatic divide

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14 months ago
Personally I'd like to see things like Tabula, Tangerine, Heartbreaker, Scorpio battleground or even Bluebend, Archer's valley and rysia, but I understand that they're all probably considered too metal heavy.

AquariusCrossing and Terra are probably small and low-econ enough and also look like they'd add quite a bit of variety to the matchmaking map pool. For comet type maps I'd suggest green comet.
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14 months ago
(edited 14 months ago)

AFAIK green comet is neither symmetric nor balanced.

I don't know that I'm requesting it as such but I would consider TandemCraters.

The map most conspicuous by its absence from the current 1v1 map pool IMO is Ravaged by a large margin. I can understand there are some reasons for it though.
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