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Request: Replay(s) for trailer

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3 months ago
AUrankAdminGoogleFrog desires a new trailer for Zero-K in the vein of FIranksprang's trailer:

To that end, I'd like to know if anyone has replays they think would be particularly good for filming such action scenes.
* Mixed land/water map (for demonstrating ship action and pretty bumpwater) would be nice but is not required.
* Copying the sprang trailer implies all the scenes are from a single ZK match, but I'm also considering a montage using different matches (which could be nice for showing off the variety of maps available).
* Mentions of things to look out for in each replay would be nice.

If nothing good comes up I can also set up a bot game or stage something in a mission-type scenario.
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3 months ago
I'm not sure that it perfectly suits the criteria, but in lieu of other options
Multiplayer B458392 20 on Nuclear_Winter_v1
has a bunch of striders and shiny stuff.
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3 months ago
(edited 3 months ago)

Working on it, although in a rather early stage, with around half a minute done out of the required 2:30 for the updated Thunderdome to be used as the soundtrack.

The trailer will be divided into three parts:

The first part (0:00-1:16) will be a remake of my earlier trailer, but with more polish and based on a new replay.

The second part (1:16-1:54) will be a feature showcase.

The third part (1:54-2:34) will be the epic finale, showing the biggest, baddest and coolest things ZK has to offer.

The only thing that I haven't got an exact plan for yet is the third part, and I wouldn't oppose collaboration for it. It will begin with a sumo stomp, and from there on it should at least show battles featuring detriment, starlight, and maybe the classic nuke finish.

I'd like to base most of the shots on real replays, because those are always more lively than staged shots. So here are some specific requests. Please post a link to the battles if you know some that feature these moments, and also to the rough timings of those moments. Also the prettier the map the battle takes place on, the better.

1. At least two pyros attacking by jumping up a cliff, opening fire during/after the jump.
2. Sumo jumping down a cliff on top of some units and wrecking them with the stomp.
3. A battle featuring a nuke hit.
4. A battle featuring detriment(s).
5. A battle featuring starlight.

Thanks in advance! And if you have collaboration ideas contact me here or on the ZK Discord.
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3 months ago
(edited 3 months ago)

I shared some raw recordings (via MEGA) in the other thread about the trailer competition which went train factory as expected if that helps...

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3 months ago
MYrankAdminKingRaptor i sent you an message through Google Drive.
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2 months ago
How is this going FIranksprang and MYrankAdminKingRaptor? This is a large subproject and quite an important one.
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2 months ago
I haven't actually done anything, on account of FIranksprang already having stuff in progress. If sprang says they haven't advanced work either, I'll write my own script and film it.
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2 months ago
Just if you're wondering, I'm still working on mine, but the more the merrier. It'll also still take me a month or longer before I can show anything.
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