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Buoy fires over Thug shield and hits commander

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10 months ago
Should be self explanatory.
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10 months ago
(edited 10 months ago)

Understandable, have a great day.

I have absolutely no idea what this is about
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10 months ago
Buoy has a lot of slow damage.
1/3 of this damage affects shields so the projectile as a whole is more likely to pass through the thug's shield.
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10 months ago
Maybe it is level 9001 commander, and its so big, Thugs shield cannot cover it anymore?
You wouldnt expect Thug to shield Detri either, would you?
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10 months ago
That is not self Explanatory.
Please explain situation, expected behavior, and resulting behavior.

Most literal interpretation is that the buoy, having a slow projectile, arcs enough that a thug between the commander and the buoy finds the shot flying over it's head.

Or, maybe the thug is next to the commander, and the commander is too tall for the shield, so the project hits the commander. In that case, this is expected because the commander is not protected by the tiny shield.

Or maybe it is piercing the shield, ignoring it because of damage and slow 1/3rd damage bonus, although that wouldn't seem like it would create the thread title.

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10 months ago
This is self explanetory. Please close the thread.
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10 months ago
Thug next to com

Its frustrating because it doesnt happen with other skirmishers
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10 months ago
Topkack must have just clustered game-worthy amount of units around his shiny lvl-10 lobstahcom...
No wonder it got killed, exploding everything nearby xD

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