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Why Zero-K

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12 months ago
I searched why Zero-K was named in such name and found very old topic.
So if someone is still curios about why Zero K is Zero K i post citations from thread.
I didn't found in "wikia" information about Zero K history. I think that one good article could be nice addition about Zero K beginning and evolution.

Well, the original plotline to CA involved two factions that would never, ever, ever, ever cease hostilities until the heat death of the universe.

Somebody noticed that an RTS about the heat death of the universe sounded neat, so the name zero-K appeared. 0 Kelvin being absolute zero temperature - i.e. the temperature the universe will be when absolutely everything is dead and burnt out to a cold cinder.


Open Conflict
Quantum Wars
Ecce Machina

We argued for months about these and dozens of other names, until it was decided by vote that Zero-K was the least worse. It is indeed an allusion to the heat death of the universe, the state of absolute entropy, etc.

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12 months ago
nothing is cooler!
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12 months ago
(edited 12 months ago)

It's quite simple actually. Easy peasy:

Due to lack of players' self esteem everybody was afraid of being uncool. So the goal was to create and play the coolest game there ever was and ever will be. Hence Zero Kelvin. But because the world wasn't as open minded back then as it is today - it was rather cold actually - and because all the players are male, we had to make sure there couldn't possibly be any doubt that we are indeed very cool. So the only solution was to scrap the initial idea of Zero Kelvin and instead go for Zero-Gay.

Of course the world is a much more friendly place nowadays. A lot has changed. Now everyone wants to be the hottest. This is why now we cook lobsters and hardware while playing our favorite game.
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11 months ago
Humanity ascended this plane through an Einstein-Bose condensate at 0 Kelvin and now their left over robots fight for no reason

also they have no emotion thus Zero K


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