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Downloading game as .sdz archive

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20 months ago
[If you've just downloaded the game for the first time, you can safely ignore this message]

For debugging reasons (details here), the lobby client launcher/wrapper (but not the client itself, once you log in) will re-download the latest Zero-K stable as an .sdz archive instead of the 'rapid' incremental format currently in use. This will occur even if you already have the newest stable downloaded via rapid, but will only happen once per stable ZK release.

Due to the large file size involved (275 MB), this will lead to some wait time the next time you try to launch the game. To do the downloading ahead of time:
  • Go to this page
  • Download zk-v1.5.8.0.sdz to <gamedata folder>/games (this will usually be where you installed/downloaded the lobby client executable Chobby.exe to)
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is something broken with sounds in the new version? i get noise overlay to all effect sounds since then.

forget it, my headphones are apparently broken :(
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18 months ago
The link KR supplied is down. Anyone know the way to download ZK as an archive currently?

Trying to get ZK installed on Solus but chobby autodownloader is crapping out with the same "task has been cancelled" error as I reported with Win10.
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EDIT: I'm stoned.
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18 months ago
KR : you gave a link to Spring ENGINE archive while the subject is ZK as an archive ;)
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18 months ago
Ah, sorry.

Correct link: http://zero-k.info/builds/zk-v1.5.9.4.sdz
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