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Minor feature request / key modifiers not working

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8 months ago
(edited 8 months ago)

When you click on Panel Presets, and click 'Old Default', in which the mini-map is on the top-left hand side corner, the chilly voting gui is obscured by the mini-map. User must manually intervene using Ctrl-F11 [but it doesn't work, see below]. There should be a hook that moves the voting gui to the right-hand side where it originally used to be when the 'Old Default' panel preset is used.

Certain key modifiers are not working well or consistently for me on linux. For example, Ctrl-F11 is not picked up by Zero-K and so I need to manually click on tweak interface mode in the menu (and it takes me ages to locate item on the menu). Recently I also had a problem in which the 'Alt' modifier was not working for geomorphing. I was chatting about this in-game last night and DErankkatastrophe or somebody else indicated they too experienced a problem with modifiers not working all the time. Sorry that this is slightly sketchy.

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8 months ago
Hi, I had to change my window move modifier from alt to Super/Mod4 (the windows button) because of Inkscape and games. This helps with modifiers working properly.

For Gnome:



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