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Ancient versions of Zero-K being downloaded on Springfiles

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4 months ago
3 example links of old zk downloads on springfiles.




(Old lobby as well: https://springfiles.com/spring/lobby-clients/zero-k-lobby)

The first one is currently frontpaging on Springfiles under "Most viewed today". Download counts show it has already been downloaded twice since September 1st.

Many more can be found by searching Zero-K on springfiles under the games catagory: https://springfiles.com/search/node/Zero-K%20category%3A49%2C284

Most of these have been uploaded by @KingRaptor, but some are uploaded by CZrankAdminLicho and AUrankAdminGoogleFrog.

Would it be possible for said developers to login to their Springfiles accounts and delete these files?
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4 months ago
I've deleted all the ZK versions listed with me as uploader.
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47 days ago
I can login but i have no idea how to delete mine...
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47 days ago
(edited 47 days ago)

After you login your name will appear in the top-right corner. Clicking that will give you a list of all your files. Click what you want to delete > edit tab > delete button at bottom of page.
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46 days ago
Can I download an old version of zk to watch me playing at my beginnings?
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