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Factory's second row theme?

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31 days ago
Hi all,

Sorry for my english. I stumbled upon the right words to express.
What I mean is this:

I just know that in every factory build ui, there's a theme for each slot.
In first row, from left to right:
- Construction, Raider, Skirm, Riot, Assault, Arty

My question is for second row.
What is in the first column? It seems it always for lighter raider.
Second column is AA.
Third column is that factory signature unit.
Fourth is bomb (not always, but usually very small unit compared to others)
Fifth is?

Thank you very much, and sorry for confusing question.
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31 days ago
(edited 31 days ago)

As per https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/blob/master/LuaUI/Configs/integral_menu_commands.lua

Weird Raider, Anti-Air, Heavy Something, Special, Utility

Weird Raider also includes scouts (except Flea, since Spider doesn't have a conventional raider).

Special either means bomb or something else weird (capture car, spy, transport, submarine, disarm bomber)

Utility generally means non-combat units: mobile shield, mobile cloaker, teleporter. It's also used for Tremor (artillery/terraforming) and Vindicator (heavy transport, also armed).
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27 days ago
(edited 27 days ago)

Weird Raider, Anti-Air, Heavy Something, Special, Utility

I read that as Special, AA, Heavy/Special, Special, Special.

This is bad, especially (sorry) for newer players.



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26 days ago
The units in here don't seem to be in that order:
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26 days ago
(edited 26 days ago)

There's a reason why I said it was used for non-combat units and ALSO Tremor.

I don't remember why the wiki entries are in the order that they are in.
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26 days ago
IIRC the wiki navbox (mostly) just uses the order they're defined in the internal files.

If anyone wants to change it, hit the edit button on this page.
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