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There should be an award for excessing metal

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9 months ago
"Metal Waster" or something
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9 months ago
There should be many more awards....
"metal waster" should be reserved for commorphers,
there should be an eco-award, seriously
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9 months ago
There is no "made the most metal" award? It could be called Metal Maker
For excessing the least, or less than 100 metal in the game, you could have an award called Productivity
For excessing the most, the award could be called "Cornucopia" (overflowing horn of plenty as the picture)
"Metal Waster" award could be using more metal for your commander than for other things, i.e. > 50% of whole match income to commander
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9 months ago
There is already - the share bear award!
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9 months ago
question to the devs, is it also of work to add some more to the game?
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9 months ago
(edited 9 months ago)

It would certainly require some work and would be another thing that needed maintaining.

"Making metal" isn't particularly well-defined either. Does overdrive metal belong to the person who made the mex? the grid? a singu? the player who held the front while the singu was made?
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9 months ago
Also need storage award (i have seens that many players building more then one and don't react when somebody advice them to not build them so much).
I want award named 'Power overwhelming for singu build or for most energy production.
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9 months ago
The original reason is that USrankAdminCarRepairer only wanted to make awards for behaviours which they thought were beneficial. The friendly fire 'award' is I believe something he let in because it is so obviously not good for the team.
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