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Campaign Week 3 - Shieldbots and Zero-K v1.5.11.1

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16 months ago

This week we explore the Shieldbot region of the galaxy, with five shieldbot missions and a bonus mission. We have also released a Zero-K update, as well as some fixes and tweaks to the mission from week 2. Make sure to post feedback as these mission tweaks would not have occurred without it.

Post feedback here: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/24441


  • 'Buffed' by raising its aim point by 10 elmos. Now it aims from the extended position of its missile launcher. It is technically now able to shoot over allies, wrecks and reclaims in more situations.
  • Fixed 'The Slasher Bug' (in the engine, applies when the engine is updated in the next few days). This also affects other units on Attack Move.

Hovercraft footprints:
  • Dagger now pathfinds like a 2x2 unit (previously it thought it was 3x3).
  • Increased the footprints of Lance and Mace from 3x3 to 4x4. Might reduce Lance teamkill
  • Extended the Hovercraft factory to fix factory blocking, similarly to Shieldbot and Cloakbot factory.


  • Added Impulse Mode preset to Settings/Hotkeys/Commands.
  • Added an option to filter out ally commands in show all commands.
  • Improved manual fire tooltip.
  • Improved state toggle consistency. All grey icons now use the same grey.
  • Fixed Shogun wake.
  • Added a drone construction toggle state.
  • Improved retreat state tooltip.


  • Fixed Avalanche version on the Gremlin mission.
  • Adjusted the Phantom mission. The enemies now make Thug and Felon to encourage Phantom use. Added some terraforming to fix the maps poor pathfinding.
  • Added enemies that drop in midway through the Stinger/Stardust mission to increase the challenge later into the mission.
  • Made the Knight/Windgen mission more difficult on harder difficulty levels.

  • Hide chat box until it is first opened.
  • Fixed a case where the commander tab could fail to highlight.

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16 months ago
what is a fencer

also why no more penetrator...it was such a good name
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16 months ago
It was the Slasher. Awesome amount of content flowing out here guys!
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