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New game name needed ASAP!

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11 months ago
My dears Zero-K'ers,

After all the turmoil around the units' names changes, I think we forgot the number one priority to better reflect the actual situation of the game.

Today, we all know the game as "Zero-K" BUT most of you will agree that it does not reflect the real spirit of our respected community.

Therefore, I would like to propose the following name : Zzzz-K !

Then AFKers and all the vast majority of players who connect only to take a nap will feel considered at last. Not forgetting the wise community of spectators who do not necessarily sleep but remember us all that a game is not made to be played, but indeed to be spectated first.

Please, upvote this post to raise the urgency of the matter to the developers.

We all need a name that we can easily refer to when we play this game!

Sincerely yours,

Lord Of the Trolls
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11 months ago
afk crust dwellers
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11 months ago
You can make good jokes?
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11 months ago
I strongly agree with you Lord of Trolls.

I have never seen a game with so many people afk or spectating. If they dont want to play, why on earth have they logged in?

Most of the new players dont do this and just want to play games. The main culprits seem to be the more seasoned players.

may peace be upon you.

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11 months ago
(edited 11 months ago)

I salute you sir - this is a fantastic idea!

Wasting 1's, 0's, and electricity. Just like Bitcoin.

I submit that Zzzzzz-K Coin mining should be implemented for all AFKers and Specs. That way CPU usage will be like they are playing a game and their power usage will show it too.

I submit this glorious image that reflects my feelings on the subject.

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11 months ago
This shitpost is glorious. 10/10 would fall asleep again.
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