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Clans in Zero-k

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10 months ago
I would like to know what the general opinion of the Zero-k community is considering clans.

Personally, as most people know, i think that my clan improves my ingame experience a lot. But how do you all think about it?

There are many 1 man clans, why? Because of the Icon in front of your name?
Why aren't there any other bigger clans, like mumble?
Isn't there any interest in improving the tactical coordination between players?
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10 months ago
I like play in clan because its more fun and also being in clan can offer exchange with experience not only about ZK. We had may discussions in MYrankMC about other themes as well. So i benefit from my clan.
Of course its also possible to play with non clan members and share such experience. Clan me allow same team in auto balance.
Clan would have larger impact in Planet wars where different clan unite single ideology players and they can coordinate more easy they collective strategy. Plus also 'i belong to somewhere' thing who is social habitude.
Peoples who make one people clans mostly tends to emphasize how they are independent. And one people clan isn't even clan because clan is people group not one individual.
There is no big active clan because of small ZK player base. TheGBC is also big clan in player size. And there is also other clans with 15+ peoples but they are inactive.

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10 months ago
As was brilliantly put here: Multiplayer B473850 14 on Comet Catcher Redux v3.1
Clans evolve around shared principles, which vary widely from clan to clan.
MYrankMC is built around the principle that talking to your peers during a game is fun.
TheGBC is built around two main principles. First, a shared competitive mindset. Second, the notion that interacting with your peers not during a game should also be fun.
This partially explains why TheGBC exists even though it is inactive, and why I consider myself TheGBC even when playing under the MYrankMC flag.
Clans aren't just constructs to skew balance, they're a way for players to express their identity, and I believe that this also answers the one-player-clans question.
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10 months ago
still a Pirate at heart. ;)
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10 months ago
Because of the Icon in front of your name?

shi- you got me
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10 months ago
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10 months ago
I agree with both, senaven and hoko, but i would like to know the opinion of non clan players
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