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Best tournament time

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12 months ago

Because of the permanent discussion about the best starting time, i want to create a map to check which time would attract most people.

For all those who want to be considered, just write below where you live.
In most cases the country will be enough, for those with more timezones, like USA or Russia, give me the nearest city or similar.

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12 months ago
Looking at ladders, most relevant people are going to be Europe UTC+1 and East Australia UTC+11.
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12 months ago
U dont need to do all that fancy stuff the best time is obvious, it is the window where US and EU intersect

problem is that there is like 2-3 australians who live in the wrong fking side of the planet which throw wrench into everything
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12 months ago
(edited 12 months ago)

There aren't all that many active Americans right now. That being said...

In general previous tournaments have started around 10AM UTC which translates to around the same time in Europe, 9pm in eastern Australia, and somewhere between 2am and 5am in the US.

I would consider running a tournament around 7PM UTC which translates to again around the same time in Europe, 6am in eastern Australia, and around midday in the US - that seems kind of plausible for all three (Asian-based players get the short end of the stick, though).

I believe this isn't particularly viable in the other half of the year since it would be earlier here and later in Europe.
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12 months ago
last torunament the importance of the asian room was more important then the one from the USA.

But dont discuss here pls, i just want to know who would like to be considered
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12 months ago
(edited 12 months ago)

7:00pm UTC makes the most sense if you want euro players in the evening, Americans can play in midday\afternoon. Moscow is 10pm and Aussies are early sunrise.

7pm UTC

Sydney 6:00am
Berlin 8:00pm
Newyork\LA: 2:00pm\11am
Moscow: 10:00pm
London: 7:00pm
Johanasburg: 9:00 PM

Perth: 3AM
Bangkok: 2AM
New Delhi: Midnight

The time only screws Asian countries (or anywhere between Western Australia and India).. but who are they on zk?

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