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Looking for clans

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11 months ago
Did somebody recogniced how hard it actually is to check for active clans etc?

At the momenent the are nearly 200 clans in the clanlist.
Most are inactive, or nearly inactive.

So when your new to the game, looking for a clan. Its hard to find active ones. (Yes i know there aren't many)

You can look for them by a few different search Options: Elo, Commanders and LVL.

Elo is the average elo of the members.
Commanders is just the member number.
And LVL, the average lvl of the members.

With these Options it isn't rly possible to easily find the active clans. Neighter is there any indec to find out where this clan stands atm, considering gameplay lvl.

My advice and request is to implement a function, like "only show active clans", or add a Clan-LVL (Exp collected by the members), or maybe an Winratio?

I can deepen the ideas when there is approval for my request.
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11 months ago
Nice idea.

I think clans are important for a game like ZK. We're relatively small now, so it doesn't matter yet, but if we grew many things could be made possible.

Clans should be a part of the community and there could be active recruitment options.
It could be interesting to find people to paly with, if you share common goals or playstyles.
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