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Happy Day to you

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9 months ago
(edited 9 months ago)

Even if Christmas is somehow an offensive idea to you i well wish you all regardless.

this game has come along way and so have its people.. not just in skill but also in character.. i see less trolling and the community seems less toxic (look at ba and you will see how bad it can be)

people are nice here.. feels like a family.. with such good people and an awesome game i can only see things will get even better.

thank you all
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9 months ago
It's just you became more tolerable with years, AUrankSmokeDragon :P
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9 months ago
(edited 9 months ago)

Thank you for your thought Smokedragon . Holy Christmas
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9 months ago
Have a great time, whether on holidays or not. It's the last few days to enjoy 2017!
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