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2 months ago
Can we go to adding storage to the constructs and factories please. The forum says to avoid building these units except in special circumstances but losing a commander leaves no storage and the original game Total Annihilation had these features which gave a small boost to recovery after loss of commanders and before you had enough resources to warrant building storage for those BIG units to be produced. Thank you.
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2 months ago
But you can build storage already!
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2 months ago
1v1 has turned into comm_ends. Team energy sharing still doesn't work without storage (can't build after losing com and energy generators). Please remove the storage farming simulator dlc. There's still reason to build storage without forcing it on com death.

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2 months ago
something i havnt adapted to, but building a storage earlier in game is kind of a good idea.
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2 months ago
USrankrincewind I am generally against adding small amounts of something to everything because the impact of the thing in question is diluted. This is called Quants Rule. This is why, for example, the only unit with an anti-air sidearm is the Detriment. You can find many apparent counterexamples to this principal but this is because it is more of a guideline or a default stance. When a piece of the design violates Quants Rule there is often an explicit reason.

In the case of storage, you are supposed to be able run a full economy without it. The purpose of storage is to absorb fluctuations and without it you will excess whenever your income exceeds your expenditure. The cost of losing your commander and storages is also supposed to be that you lose your stored resources. Very little storage is required to absorb ordinary fluctuations so if storage is worth building for this purpose it has to be a unique ability. Sometimes it is worth building storages to take large reclaim fields, however, this requires a lot of constructors so if constructors had storage you would likely not need to build storages at all.

CHrankAdminDeinFreund try:
Whenever this is reported I always want a replay with an ingame time, otherwise the ticket is low value and may be forgotten if I am otherwise busy.
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2 months ago
This is why, for example, the only unit with an anti-air sidearm is the Detriment

Nitpicking: Hercules also has an anti-air sidearm.
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2 months ago
something something +0.3 constructor incomes
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