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Stand still while hostiles kill you ?

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12 months ago

If you fire on Hostiles they tend to react to being shot at -
but noooooooo, not your forces,
they just sit still and let the enemy walk right into your kitchen.

4x I have tried a Campaign and my forces don't do anything about getting killed

no reaction, just acts like it's a sunny day on the battlefield....

so, of course, the lack of reaction to taking damage frustrated me to no end.

Evasion, 'HuntNearestEnemy...I mean, seriously, something other then stand still and die..
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12 months ago
(edited 12 months ago)

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12 months ago
Which units do this? Got a screenshot? Also understand that you are pushing against the inverse issue of units being baited into defenses and dying. If damage causes your units to run across the map then it could be too hard to keep track of your units.
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12 months ago
I had the opposite problem, but this is coming from Istrolid, where units never ever move unless told to or given AI's.

Some of this might come down to player expectation from other games they've played then.
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12 months ago
Yeah I am extremely annoyed by units moving by their own. For example fighters can easilly be dragged across entire map.
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12 months ago
Thankyou for the comments, I'll try to respond without sounding crazy ( it's early here :) )

A) the Move States are an Important feature that I like ( some units that I place close to the Green Zone as sentries are ordered to stay put ( not that they ever listen :) ) , However,
if a Hostile unit shoots at a Mace, That Mace will usually not take it laying down
( so, I am thinking it might be weapon-range based and I am complaining about not paying attention to the range of a unit more then their AI abilities )

B) The units involved were usually Rover made and Not to kick the Rovers, my Commander was ordered to go inside the Green Zone last night while other units were taking on hostiles, but Nooooooo he had to stop and smell the muzzles of enemy units ( he died ).

( I used the Green arrow to order the move, not the grey : he should have simply followed the order and not attempted to engaged the hostiles )

C) I do play " other games " and as you could tell from my 'HuntNearestEnemy , I gave that order a few times in .xml.
( my name is in the credit roll of the game I like best )
So, yes, I do have some expectations & this game pretty much does live up to them, But, as I said, perhaps I am just not looking at the unit's weapon range.

I don't know. It might just be more me then them.

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