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9 months ago
Alright, so this is the draft of an idea. I will try to keep systems as consistent as I can with the current.

Current system can keep its basic combat rotation, for 1/hour fights that people can sign up for.

In addition: Once per day, each person on a faction accumulates personal resource. We can call them command points for now.
If you win an attack, you spend 1 CP automatically to increase your Influence gain by 5%.
You may additionally spend 1 CP to choose one of your own systems and 'quash dissent', or some such. This will pit you against an AI and winning reduces enemy influence in the area by 5%. You may do this outside the normal spectrum of games.
Likewise, you might allow a 'Sneak Attack' option, that costs 2 CP to attack a location by attacking some AIs. You might get only 5 or 10 influence for winning such a fight.

You gain a maximum of 3 CP stored but can at most have 1 CP affect a fight.

There are some additional systems that can be kicked in from this. For example, if you defend and lose, you might gain 1 CP. This way having bad players mount a token resistance is still useful, and doesn't feel as bad for the team. Likewise, you might make this bonus only occur once per day, if they have participated in a defense at all, but the general feedback still works.

Skilled players will not generally want to make this fights occur, less skilled players can still have some games learning against AIs and trying to make things work out. Having the CP spent on winning normally prevents more skilled players from feeling they need to do unfun things to make the most of the system.
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9 months ago
Theres a planned change to the PW matchmaker that allows a faction to launch parallel attacks during one turn, defend several planets at once in their defense phase, and for faction officials to slightly nudge who goes into what battle.

Overall this is projected to make low-tier players a lot more meaningful (because it allows parallel attacks without requiring the high coordination that is the case currently), and because it reduces the damage of people ignorantly volunteering for a critical battle.
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