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New tactical nuke funny idea

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9 months ago
(edited 9 months ago)

A missile that becomes a deployed radar upon impact if it hits free room, otherwise it breaks.

It's main effect is revealing area in medium radius (radar plane's worth of radius), revealing also stealth units for 3 seconds. Costs 350 metal, range as big as quake's. It has graphical effect of glitter in the air.

Other possibility could be deploying "parachute" radar unit which falls for 30 seconds then vanishes like wolverine mine. It would be unselectable like drones, have big stealth reveal radius, even bigger normal sight radius and could be killed, also targetted by anti-air.

What do you think?

PS: it's not very serious suggestion
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9 months ago
(edited 9 months ago)

Not really funny, you need some buildup and a punchline. For example, like this:

"Let's have a very expensive missile that several players have to collaborate on, that launches a parachuting radar probe that scans the terrain for a while. After it's done hovering, it could then lose the parachute and smash into the ground, generating a small explosion that would decloak units by damage. We can call it Sciaparelli"

On a serious note, this conflicts with many other things:
- Deep scouting - Swift
- Flying radar - Owl
- Area decloak - Inferno
- Static sight generator - Flea

And while doing all of that, it has less interactions than the original units. Swifts can be killed or used as fighters or even raiders. Owl can radar-jam allies, detect underwater units, and also be shot down. Inferno hilariously blows up on the launch pad when mishandled.
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9 months ago
We can call it Sciaparelli

My sides were in orbit of Mars
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9 months ago
In warcraft, there was an ability of the mage to see spots outside of LOS for a short moment.

PS. no i looked it up, actually it was the paladin which had the "holy vision" thing.

You want something like that right?
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