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Thanks for the great release!

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12 months ago

The release has far exceeded our expectations and we've gained a lot of new players for the community who, overall, seem pretty nice. The servers have held up and, apart from a crash on Friday, everything has gone really smoothly. The campaign and matchmaker are really paying dividends. Currently there are 800 people playing Zero-K and 500 in the lobby and we're excited to see how far we can go.

We would really appreciate help so spread videos, tell your friends, and leave reviews. With no marketing budget (or really any budget) this is our best way to spread Zero-K and to ensure that Steam shows it to many potential players. It really helps and a big thankyou to everyone who has taken the time to review thus far!

We would also like to clarify some issues and common questions.
  • It is normal to see empty or near-empty rooms in the battlelist tooltips. We intentionally avoid sending the status of everyone to everyone else in order to save on server load.
  • There is currently a bug with matchmaking that bans both players in the "found match" popup if one rejects before the other accepts. We will fix or workaround this on our next server deployment. Luckily the ban time is 30 seconds.
  • To play coop Skirmish or Campaign with many players it is important that a single person invites everyone else, as they are the host.
  • There is a lot of scope for modding but we have not yet set up the steam workshop. There is a lot of detail to cover so, if you're interested, ask anyone in the modding channel on our Discord server.

We have been monitoring issues and are taking a cautious approach to changes, lest we break anything, as the issues are generally minor. We plan to run server maintenance for about 10 minutes sometime during the week to improve stability and solve the matchmaking issue. We also have some UI improvements for the main menu and fixes to rare bugs ingame. We have a beta branch and testers would be much appreciated.

Finally, here are some standout videos or reviews.

PS. If you haven't heard of Zero-K before, here is the store page.
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12 months ago
There is a lot of scope for modding but we have not yet set up the steam workshop.

Skin for scorpion which turns him into lobster.
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12 months ago
Hats off you you and the rest of the dev team!
You did it!
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12 months ago
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it isn't over yet.

make sure that we do our best to make this game as fun as possible for the new players

give new players more metal, and give pro players less metal
eliminate downvotes
simplify game
add 1000 default storage so when a com dies a player can still have fun
high skill players should be nerfed vs low skill players

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12 months ago
I wonder, batman, if you seek attention or something. I guess thats sarcasm but its poorly done.
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12 months ago
if you want the logic behind my post:


Developed alongside Lionel Rosen, a professor of Psychiatry at Michigan state.

Rosen notes, “Motivation itself generally lasts about two plays- it’s highly overrated,” and “the most destructive phenomenon in sports is relief. Its typically followed by a decrease in performance”

Process thinking is done by breaking things into smaller pieces that can be handled without anxiety. It provides a way of functioning without being overwhelmed by the bigger picture. A way to momentarily stray from confusion.

“Each player would focus on his individual responsibility. Rosen emphasized that the average play in the football game lasted about seven seconds. The players would concentrate only on winning those seconds, take a rest between plays, then do it all over again. There would be no focus at all on the scoreboard or on the end result.”

obviously American football is completely different than developing a game such as zero-k. and the developers of zero-k and spring have done an exceptional job. an exceptional job each and every tester/designer/mapper/modeler/bugfixer/bugsubmitter/playtester/promoter/hoster/player/developer absolutely know they are the reason why it happened.

every player that plays this game is because the developers have built the game over hours and hours and days of time spent fixing it what it is today.

nothing anyone can say, not even the batman, will ever be able to take away the pride that the developers should have for the work they accomplished and the team they were apart of.

i happy and proud of the developers and the work they did to bring zero-k to steam. what i want more than offering them a congratulations is for their work to be seen, appreciated, and enjoyed by the most people possible. in order to do that i say continue the work, and make sure everyone keeps trying to get and retain new players.

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12 months ago
Please learn to use the shift button.
iT iS HaRd tO ReAd thInGs witH impRoPEr caPitALizAtIon
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12 months ago
Thanks to you guys I can play the game and I am so happy that I can, best RTS I have played yet. I will do my best to help out new players, even though I am one, I can still help to make their experience easier etc. Can't wait to see where this game goes and plan to be here all the way. Good luck!!
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12 months ago
(Aaah, I've missed the release after years of waiting! TT)

Congratulations !

Such a journey since the first Alpha release of Complete Annihilation in May 2007 !

I can finally gush about Zero-K (and Spring) in RTS conversations,
and not feel like I'm wasting my time - because what seems to be a large majority people refuse to even try games outside of Steam !
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