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AI and fire/art

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2 years ago
When units are attacking and in sight of enemy arts and skirmishers, they dodge to the side, but is there a way to make them do that when being attacked by artillery? I've noticed that they don't bother dodging shots that could be easily avoided, and it's the same with fire. Units will just stay idle in burning spots even if they don't have any commands.
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I've not built any of the AI myself so take what I say with a grain of salt. But units do not dodge shots, they have 0 shot awareness. What they do is when on Attack Move or Idle AI and closing on a unit which has an AI tag which marks that unit as having 'dodgable projectiles', they will jink from side to side in the hopes of dodging projectiles.

The AI constantly keeping track of incoming projectiles, tracking their trajectory and moving out of the way is probably possible in theory (The game is open source) but if every unit was doing it all the time it might get pretty intensive and laggy. If you want your units to dodge projectiles you can put them on patrol, put them on repeat and give them a few move orders, or just queue up a bunch of move orders to keep them on the move. You can distract shots from your defenses by putting raiders in front moving back and forth.

Trying to get out of fire might be nice though. 'In a Fireball' events probably do not trigger often enough that you could not have a 'run away from the fire' part of the idle AI. Again the game is open source so anyone can write these kinds of AI's if they have the skill.
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2 years ago
I have a problem with one unit being shot and another aside being hit.

I know I can space out units by dragging a line to move, but it takes longer to react by dragging a line than the shot travels.

I cannot give patrol, because then the units cluster up or chase targets or do not retreat.
I cannot queue a circle move order for many units simultanously easily because it is difficult to draw the very same line just a bit displaces.

A button which lets units walk in asmall circle would help a lot.

Also some units which chase never fire while chasing. Black Dawn bzw Revenant, the 900m gunship) won't auto-hit on attack-command if it is set to hold fire while chasing an AA bot from the shield factory.
Because it stops before firing and during that time the bot gets out of range.

Perhaps projektiles could mark a ground spot as danger-zones when fired and units run away from these danger zones?
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The AI really needs some damn friendly fire protection system

When the AI has built up a few Merlins and has them hanging around base (happens a bit on island maps) doing a hot drop bombing run with transports tossing units into their base is a recipe for cheese, as the units get quickly murdered but call down enormous damage on the AI as the Merlin's (and any other arty unit that just found a target in rage) level half their base trying to kill it.

It gets especially nasty with Dantes or Phoenix, drop anything in front of them and acres of their base will be on fire.

I wonder if it would be possible for an AI module to be written that compares the damage area of a weapon, to the value of units in the target area, and holds fire if the friendly value is significantly above that of hostiles. Wouldn't need it on all units, just the high damage area of effect ones, which have a relatively long reload cycle so it shouldn't be a frequent process causing lag.
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2 years ago
not only arty, phantoms love to shoot each other in the back, and lance hates everyone
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