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[The New Matchmaking System]

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9 days ago
Actually waited 20 Minutes for 1 game with a premade. Nothing happened.
Well the Idea&balance is a good thing for the matchmaking... but getting games going now is painfull and not worth my time waiting.

Dev´s please revert that change until you find a better resulution that works also for people who like to play with a teammate ( Without being forced to play only at weekends. )

King Regards,

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9 days ago
(edited 8 days ago)

I've widened the party rank allowance a bit. See how it goes.

It is likely that you were just a bit unlucky. Parties seem to be able to make matches, here are a few examples I found:

The games are all closer than some of the games that were produced by the old system. What predicted winrate do you think is acceptable for a match to be found?
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8 days ago
I will try it out tomorrow again if i´m lucky with my buddy.

Well it is hard to say, I won games with less than 7% winrate chance on my end.

I think there is not really a good way to balance it when the community is not big enough, because most players that stay are pro players. Such systems may work good on StarCraft 2 Playerbase sized games.

Dunno... well will test next days and report if it helped.

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