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Is porc degenerate

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8 months ago
Is the porc forest in both northwest and southeast a map-specific problem or a wider issue with light porc?
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8 months ago
It is partly due to the map and the hover mirror.
Daggers, hover raiders, are pretty bad against porc as they lack sustained DPS so spamming defenses and transitioning into Mace is favored on that map.
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8 months ago
What is the specific or general issue? Most of the things produced in that game were not turrets. I'd call the game degenerate if the majority of the game was spent clogging the map and pushing turrets. People can make turrets to defend areas of the map and in some cases it may be reasonable to spend a lot doing so.

Godde can defend the North with 1k metal in Lotus if they want to. It was the midgame and the defenses were not even adequate. They had no more than 3k in defenses at any point in the game and made 50k metal overall.

Perhaps you are talking about rANDY with their 3.7k of turrets in the South and 6k of porc at various points in the game. This is still quite a small proportion of their total expenditure, and I think spending so much on the South was a big mistake as it was never attacked and producing it put him behind on army.
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