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Anti stupidity fix

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8 months ago
Hello I was using the settings but along with stuff see what works seeing if I can make the game a little more to my liking and seeing options there were after fiddling around with the options a little bit I came on to the widgets looking at all the options a lot of them are self explanatory point is after filling with them a bit I ended up screwing the game to where I couldn't really play and I screwed myself no eventually I fixed the majority of the options by just trial and error turn this on that didn't work turn it back off and doing that with each individual tick box of the widget thing the point is there is a reset settings button I think there should be a reset widgets button that's pretty much what this whole wall of text sums up to there's still something that I've butchered that I can't figure out how to UNE butcher have gone over the list multiple times Reading each individual 1 and I still can't figure out what I did wrong I think the rent people like me from making it so they've screwed the game up to the point where they can't really play properly anymore there should be a reset button for the widgets thank you for reading sorry for grammar using voice to text not always 100%
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8 months ago
lmao that why they went out of their way to hide the widget list
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8 months ago
Delete the folder Zero-K/LuaUI
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8 months ago
insert <p>.. im blind
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