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Newer player replay analysis

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If you are still learning the game, and want some tips based on a recent game you have played, please reply to this post with the battle replay and I'll do my best to watch, analyse and give advice on how to improve. I intend to stream this on my twitch page and technology willing upload to youtube at a later day

Good replays to send me are..
Smaller games 2v2 or 1v1
Game length of not longer than 20mins ideally
Preferably these will be games that you lost

you can find games you have played here https://zero-k.info/Battles
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10 months ago

once there was his small army near my base, i was blocked, couldn't think a way to beat them

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10 months ago
Approx, had a quick look.

Slow start, need to expand quicker.
Scout with fleas quicker
Get mexes earlier. Too much metal on solars, too early.

Needed redback\venoms for the bandits.
Then u needed recluse spam, yet crabe was ok. But by then your eco was well behind enemy... probably doomed.
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10 months ago

Feel like I won at min 8/9, but gave it away big time.
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hey Eco, you did 2 things wrong

First you must understand that you had superior income and your enemy wasnt rading so you had economic advantage. Why this matters is twofold.

1. You left all your corpses in the enemy base, even with your economic advantage you were sending units to die, Felthas was reclaiming them, and all your eco advantage was going to the enemy

2. you didnt use your economy to escelate, you had raiders, you had map controll, but you had no way into the enemy base. What you should have done was make either
(a) heavy assult reapers or cyclops
(b) facswitched to shields and spammed 50 sheildSkirm to raid your enemies eco and force them to spread out so your own superior force could pick them off
(c) tech to striders

basicaly you won, but you then simply fed your enemy metal untill you lost. dont attack the enemy base unless you are sure you can wipe it out, and even then bring cons to reclaim!
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10 months ago
"I must feed", Druid from hearthstone casting "Ultimate Infestation" ^^

never feed your enemy with metal!
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How I can counter Moderators with Blackhole launchers with rovers? I tried Darts and scorchers, but it didn't work
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10 months ago
Twitch link?
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10 months ago
Multiplayer B551212 2 on Onyx Cauldron 1.9

I've got a few thoughts of my own spoilered (don't read until you've reviewed!) but I'd be interested in seeing how yours compare.

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