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Ideas for a new tournament

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8 months ago

Lately I played a lot at MatchMaking and I must say that seems to work well, especially in 1vs1, and a little 'less in 2vs2 (especially for the long wait), while little for 3vs3 (very few games in percentage compared to the two modes mentioned above) and not at all for 4vs4, where it is easier to see a Yeti than a match like that.

The MM problem is an end in itself, that is, it's not fun when you mate a player who just installed zerok in 2vs2.
In fact, when a player wants to play without and ifs and buts, regardless of the elo of the whr and what he says mom,
he just has to join in the room "all welcome", where with another 30 players try to make a decent game. However, after 15 minutes, I no longer know if I'm seeing a painting by Kandinsky or my monitor, everything is still and full of colors. The lag is paralyzing, at least for me.

So I wonder if it is not the case to rethink the structure of the rooms, (as long as it is possible from the point of view of programming), adding some predefined rooms for 8vs8 players, where the whr would always provide the balance, but in the moment for example that the team A win on team B, automatically recreate the room so as to exclude the losing team, and that the 4 players of the winning team A fight each other (2vs2), and then the two winners fight each other for the victory of the mini tournament. I repeat I do not know from a technical point of view it is possible to create such a tournament automatically,
without the presence of a moderator who organizes everything. Tournaments may take place on time, for example every 2 hours from 5.00 pm, 7.00 pm, 9.00 pm, when there are more players.
In this way it would be more exciting and fun to play, knowing that even if I lost in the tournament of the 17.
00 (maybe) I can redo in that of 19.00!

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8 months ago
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8 months ago
sounds nice. incentive to join these kind of structure would be additional achievement for the winners of each round. i like it. also, YETIS
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