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Database manual override: drop clan and its associated tables

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I am founding a clan and encountered the following problem http://zero-k.info/Clans/Detail/2050 I believe its caused by the illegal character within the file name of the clan logo. could admins plz help me reset it or just simply remove the clan so I can start over thanks
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The clan shortcut string was probably messing it up. I've set it to something that works; reupload your clan icon.
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13 months ago
The code for clan is so janky, I made one the other day to test uploading clan image (all I see is white box) and I used a shortcut GB to create it and it populated my clan with 9 random dudes :P

Try find some other outdated shortcuts and you too can be the leader of some old clan!
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13 months ago
IMO clans should be cleaned by removing all that were not active in the last 60 days.
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