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Skirmish mode map selection screen

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7 months ago
Currently, the map selection screen for a skirmish contains 4 maps (Titan Duel, Obsidian, Fairyland, Calamity) and a bunch of empty space:

If a player wants any other map, they have to click the "Advanced" button and then scroll through the list of maps to find the one they want, which is a little bit annoying to do. I suggest putting the Matchmaker maps on this screen for easy access, since Matchmaker maps are probably more likely to be chosen than most other maps. Also, new players should be encouraged to practice on those maps so that they are not totally unfamiliar with the map pool when they start playing Matchmaker.

There are 22 team maps in the current Matchmaker pool. They could be arranged in a 5x5 grid with 3 empty spots (perhaps with smaller thumbnail images and/or less padding between map images).

Also, perhaps the 1v1 case could be limited to the 18 1v1 maps, and survival mode should show only chicken maps.
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7 months ago
If I remember correctly the reason for this is to avoid confusing new players with a large number of choices (which they are largely uninformed about).

Adding a "Matchmaker Maps" button to this screen could address both concerns.
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