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New Game Type

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8 months ago
Especially in Team games, end of the game is decided when one flank lost or 1-2 players quit.
Instead, game should be also decided by destroying Team-Buildings. This special structure set for each player, resides on their base with something like 20K hp. It even has its own shield even protects nearby units and buildings.
Once destroyed its hp will be devided equally to other same team's Team-Buildings.
Seems like a crazy idea but it may add up some value to the game, like not quitting early on when 1 player goes out...
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8 months ago
Most games are decided long before that due to outexpansion or horrible unit control or both. Your idea doesn't seem to have any impact on the game state outside of providing minor defense against artillery or creating a minor local force multiplier from the way you describe it though.
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8 months ago
We have that system in planetwars. And are disscussing to change it
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