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[8/31] 3v3 RENEGADE tournament

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Hello zero-kers! We're gonna have a renegade tournament on Friday August 31, 2018 @ 18:00 UTC. Will you claim the title of supreme team of Zero-K? Or will your team claim the ultimate wubbernaut award?

Edit: After deliberation, I've decided that signups will now close the day before the event. Please make sure to have your teams in by August 31 00:00 UTC.

People listed under the signup list will be assigned to teams either on the fly, fill in for teams with 2 players, or will be relegated to substitution duty.

Substitute List:

THrankPootis [1740 WHR]

Signup list:

Entire signup sheet here (in better format than forum)

ROrankSigero -- maybe No show
CArankAdminShadowfury333 -- Post commentary only
USrank_Shaman :

GBrank[GBC]HarveyN -- ?

CHrankAdminDeinFreund -- https://www.twitch.tv/videos/304175098


1. Tournament format will be either double elimination (Best of 3), RR or swiss depending on how many teams signed up. You can find more information here. Matchups will be made in a way in which teams are put against similar WHR teams based on their average WHR. In essence, you hopefully will get at least 4 even matches in the tournament.

2. Teams have a WHR cap of 6500. Teams may go up to 50 points over this limit. Teams may consist of 2 to 3 players. In event of a team having 2 players at the time of the tournament, they will be either assigned a free player or given a sub with respect to the WHR cap. If no player is found, the team must acquire a third player or be forced to play as a 2 person team. Player WHR is recorded when they sign up.

3. If you plan on not showing up or cannot, you are required by LAW to make a really funny and/or over the top excuse as to why you cannot show up. This will be read aloud by CArankAdminShadowfury333 or myself during the tournament cast.

4. Players may not coerce other players into a situation in which they do not play or cannot play. (EG: recommending that they AFK for the entire match).

5. You may screw the rules if you have money.

6. Have fun.

Map pool

Winner's bracket map pool:
Any FEATURED map that is not a chicken map.

Loser's bracket map pool:
Any SUPPORTED (or even unsupported, if agreed on by both teams) that is not a chicken map. Very large maps are not allowed unless agreed upon by both teams.

In addition, the loser of the matchup may select the map for the next round.

Awards will be handed out in the form of Trophies.

Yes, there will seriously be a supreme wubbernaut award.

https://challonge.com/AugustRenegadeZK -- Swiss Preliminary
https://challonge.com/AugZKRenegadeFinals -- Single Elimination Finals


Swiss Preliminary:

Round 1:
Multiplayer B604876 6 on Adansonia v4.1 -- Team Pluk vs Team 4hundred
Team Unlucky Tuna vs Team Belgian Nibbas (No Show)
Multiplayer B604871 6 on Hide_and_Seek_v03 -- Team GBC vs Team SilverGundyr
Multiplayer B604875 6 on Comet Catcher Redux v3.1 -- Team XCOM vs Team Mumble
Multiplayer B604885 6 on TitanDuel 2.2 -- Team Venom vs Team Dude

Round 2:
Multiplayer B604892 6 on Ravaged_v2 -- Team Pluk vs Team Unlucky Tuna
Multiplayer B604891 6 on Altair_Crossing_v3 -- Team Mumble vs Team SilverGundyr
Multiplayer B604898 6 on Otago 1.1 -- Team XCOM vs Team GBC
Team Dude vs Team Belgian Nibbas (No Show)
Multiplayer B604896 6 on Red Comet v1.3 -- Team Venom vs Team 4hundred

Round 3:
Multiplayer B604908 6 on Red Comet v1.3 -- Team GBC vs Team 4hundred
Team Unlucky Tuna vs Team Dude -- Both Forefeited.
Team SilverGundyr vs Team Belgian Nibbas (No show)
Multiplayer B604911 6 on Lonely Oasis v1.1 -- Team Mumble vs Team Venom
Multiplayer B604913 6 on Eye of Horus v13 -- Team Pluk vs Team XCOM

Round 4:
Team Belgian Nibbas (No Show) vs Team Venom
Multiplayer B604925 6 on Cold Snap 2 -- Team XCOM vs Team 4hundred
Multiplayer B604930 6 on Into Battle v4 -- Team Mumble vs Team Pluk
Team SilverGundyr vs Team Unlucky Tuna (No Show)
Team Dude vs Team GBC (No Show?)

Single Elimination Finals:

Semi Finals:

Round 1:

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17 months ago
I suggest a 2v2.

3v3 u get too many drop out or no shows imo.

Also fewer teams
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17 months ago
3v3 is fine. We haven't had one before, and I'm okay with it being an unmitigated disaster (that makes it more fun and more renegade-y!). I'll come up with a renegade-ish solution for that eventuality. That's why it's called a renegade tournament (cuz I don't have to adhere by any standards and the more disastrous it is, the better! Do feel free to be the first signup.)

Bring on the disaster. :D
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17 months ago
I'm in, representing the GBC D squad
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Count me in with PLrankfailer and PLrankFailer2

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17 months ago
I'll probably be in, depends if my exams are around that day, but for now count me in!
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17 months ago
I would compete too.

But i guess you need to tell us the date of the pretournament too? or did i missunderstood something?
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Sign up ends August 23rd at which I'll come up with a time that's good for everyone involved and do some administration type tasks.

The actual tournament is August 31st. I'm likely to make the scheduled time at 18:00 GMT. That's 11AM here.
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17 months ago
Can put me down, yet to gather a team
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17 months ago
Consider a group whr cap of 6500 or something
+0 / -0
Done. Cap is 6500 taken at the time of sign up.
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I want to cast this, but I make no promises. I'll be moving sometime after the 18th, probably before the 31st, but I'm not sure when my internet will be all set up at my new place.
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17 months ago
At worst I can stream the noob's perspective after my inevitable loss :D
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17 months ago
An interesting idea might be: all purple and dark blue players have to play 1v3 in this tounament.
This seems unfair at the start but then you notice you cant spawn the 3 coms at different locations and have slower expansion.
Dont forget you still have to do 3x more unit micro which could make this tournament more interesting.
(and more battles because only 4 players instead of 6)
Just a suggestion idk what you people think of this idea.
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17 months ago
CArankAdminShadowfury333 I'm willing to push it back a day or two if it helps. I would like for you to be able to cast. It isn't often we have 3v3 tournaments.
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17 months ago
This one is cool idea. I hope there will be many teams.
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17 months ago
Yes i encourage people to gather a team, grab a substitute also incase of no show. if we get 6 teams would be epic.
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17 months ago
games will probably be a little longer than 1v1?... maybe a RRobin\swiss with a bo3 for final, and one for 3rd if needed... all depends on # teams
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17 months ago
If not a lot of people show up I'll do your idea 4hundred. Atm, we're at like 2 teams at most. This would mean 3 games and done. Maybe if not a lot of people show up we'll do a sort of swiss tournament where the teams change or something to get a few extra games out.

TL;DR: we need more participation.
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17 months ago
i might participate if I can stand the state of the game at this time.
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