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17 months ago

With this update, the Cyclops will hopefully no longer dominate the 1v1 scene. We also have a sizable number of fixes and other improvements to go with it.


  • Replaced Cyclops' combination cannon/slow beam with a single disruptor cannon
    • This is intended to enforce its role as an anti-heavy unit, reducing its effectiveness against small units


  • Added new Strike Commander skins: Chitin, Renegade


  • New sounds for various weapons
  • Zombie mode sounds are back


  • Missile silo has a "select missiles" button


  • Fixed units sometimes being permanently disabled by lightning
  • Save/load now handles morph properly
  • Fixed Outlaw (and similar) sphere GFX not appearing underwater
  • Fixed lights being cut off when slightly offscreen
  • Fixed gaps in blocks of nanoframes started with Q
  • Athena no longer appears in gesture menu
  • Workaround campaign disappearing terraform bug: restore effects of initial non-building terraform on game load
  • Smarter parsing of disabled units string
  • Fixed various Lua errors appearing ingame


  • Mex placement widget can no longer be disabled (accidentally or otherwise)
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17 months ago
Eh... won't a perfectly accurate weapon just make Goliath better against small units?
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No, check out the purple blob in the newspost picture - it still has a slow projectile (so now has a weapon like a Buoy, not like a Moderator).

Since the newspost does not say this specifically, the main cannon now does an extra 2100 slow damage (at 3.5s reload, this maintains the old 600 slow DPS).
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17 months ago
Reaper spam is back on the menu, lobs!
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17 months ago
yeah looks like reaper spam is dominating.. it was always good but it makes me wonder what kills reaper balls
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17 months ago
Now goli can be tuned to kill reaper balls and we don't have to fear it becoming too generalist.
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17 months ago
Domi still turns minotaur balls wholesale. Cyclops is still useful here because it's much more domi-proof.

That said, i think it's fair to buff Cyclops' slow factor and overslow duration. The longer reload between shots on its theoretical 600 sDPS meand that enemies get to decay more of it.

Emissary is of course still problematic, seeing how it's faster than Duck, but that's another day's problem.
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17 months ago
More slow and overslow will do very little unless targeting prioritization properly factors in slow. (my own efforts there are currently on hold due to life intervening)
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17 months ago
Changes is bad for me, I think so.
Same is about name, of Goliath to Cyclop, like many other units names.

It was just leaving it with its previous weapon and leveling damage, range, recharge time, etc.

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17 months ago
And how about its old flamethrower? just for lolz
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17 months ago
I think that change was good.
Leaving the old gun + slow beam combo made it too much of a generalist. Tune numbers too low and its useless, too high and its OP.

Adding flamer is terrible idea...it makes it good at killing things it shouln't kill like literally just before this patch hit.
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17 months ago
I also like tha fact that it can no longer fire the main cannon at one thing and slow another
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17 months ago
its still op
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