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[09/29] 2v2 Cohortian Tournament

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Hello minions and cohorts! This month's tournament is going to be a swiss style [with a twist!] Preliminaries 2v2 tournament with Single Elimination Bo3 finals! As a result of the experience acquired in the Renegade tournament, we're going to make a few changes.

Tournament date: Saturday September 29, 2018 @ 18:00 GMT


1. You MUST sign-in before the tournament starts. Sign-ins begin 17:00 UTC. Team missing one or two players will require a sub to be picked out by 17:59 or they'll be dropped. To sign in, either send "_Shaman: sign in" in #ZKTourney or by PMing me. Basically, get my attention. This will help me with attendance and get games going faster than last time.

2. The WHR cap for this tournament is 5000. Teams may go up to 50 over this cap, but it's recommended you stay under it. The purpose of this 50 pt leeway is to allow people who really want to sign up together be together. WHR is calculated using the following formula:

3. You are allowed to sign up solo. You should find a partner during signups or offer subbing during sign up period.

4. To make things a bit interesting, I'll allow the map pool to be modifiable by teams. You may choose to call a vote to add or change a map in the replacement pool or you may swap out one of the map pool maps for another map. Teams are allowed to call for a single modification. If it has more yes than no, that modification will occur. For instance:

Ravaged v2 -> Glacies would swap out Ravaged for glacies.
Ravaged v2 -> ??? would swap ravaged out for a random map.
+Icy Run v2 would add Icy Run v2 to the replacement pool.
Glacies <=> Swiss Round 1 would swap glacies for Swiss Round 1's map. (Thus Ravaged v2 would be put into the replacement pool and Glacies would be put in Swiss Round 1's slot)

If a map has a vote for two different replacements, then the one with the highest yes vote count will take place over the other. Votes will be open until the day before the tournament. Only teams with two people may make modifications to the map pool and individuals may vote on signup.

Map pool:

Swiss Round 1: Ravaged v2
Swiss Round 2: Trojan Hills
Swiss Round 3: Rapids
Swiss Round 4: Isle of Grief
Swiss Round 5: Icy Shell

Finals map Pool:

Finals Round 1: Archer's Valley
Winner Starter: Aquatic Divide
Bronze Starter: Barren 2

Replacement Pool: (This is for when both teams do not like the map they're given or during Bo3 Finals)
Altair Crossing
Iced Coffee
Living Lands
??? [Random Map 01]
??? [Random Map 02]
??? [Random Map 03]

Please note that the restrictions on the replacements are:
- Must be supported or higher.
- Must not be speed metal or chicken.
- Must be a team map. No FFA maps.
- Cannot be bigger than 20x20.
- Cannot be Gecko Island or CCR.

Current modifications:
Rapids -> Red Comet ( AUrank4hundred / ATrankATOSTIC )

5. You may not perform any action that would make your partner be unable to play.

6. Signups close at 17:50 UTC, day of tournament.

7. During the Bo3 Finals, the loser of the starter match may pick the next map from the replacement pool.

Note I'll be experimenting with some format changes in attempt to speed up intermission and improve balancing. I'll be posting a rule set in the next few days as I ponder a bit more but basically it's similar to Swiss format. (Probably Danish variant plus some custom rules.)

Signup sheet: Found here

Current teams:
ILrankAdminhokomoko / EErankAdminAnarchid
AUrank4hundred / NLrankWesley

Current Unassigned Players:
DErankPyrostasis (Sorry, I had you under the internal spreadsheet)
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Reserved for casts / winners / matches.
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WHR extraction.

Can we get a formula to get accurate WHR.

One issue is some players near never play on casual or competitive... so sometimes choosing only can get bad results, also averaging them u also get very sk(r)ewed results. Im not sure how to remedy this, a simple formula of some sort?

edit: average works well for most people, but a few exceptions throwing rather good players into dodgy result.

idea: if cas\comp whr difference > 300 then remove no more than 150 from biggest score. This simply stop a good WHR on a single ladder being dragged too far down by shocking WHR on the other.

So average of Cas\Comp OR Best - 150
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I've added a formula for right now. I'll see what kind of results we get from this as teams sign up.
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21 months ago
2. The WHR cap for this tournament is 4500. Teams may go up to 50 over this cap

"The WHR cap for this tournament is 4550."
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21 months ago
I've always done soft caps.

4500 is a soft cap. It's an ideal thing to be below this. But I accept things slightly higher in case two people really want to play together and it won't split teams. I still discourage going over this.
4550 is a hard cap. I won't accept teams over this.
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21 months ago
Beam me up scotty
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21 months ago
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After consideration I've come up with the following format rules:

* Teams will be paired with other teams of similar score based on who finished first. For instance, if a team has 1 win, they will be paired with the next team that has 1 win.
* Teams can face each other multiple times.
* In event of a tie in the final round, up to 4-6 teams may enter the finals based on finishing time. [Depends on run time]

This will allow semi-asynchronous matches to occur at the cost of some extra management.
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20 months ago
hey guys, i was talking to other players and wonder if it's possible to change it from saturday to sunday. u see a lot of us have things on saturday and can't be part of it. but the majority do have sunday more open. so more players could join ;D please.
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Date in the site post is wrong. Says sep 31

Edit: also wrong tournament lol
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20 months ago
Sept 29th is free for me, so I should be able to cast live. It's also at my normal stream time!
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hey guys, i was talking to other players and wonder if it's possible to change it from saturday to sunday. u see a lot of us have things on saturday and can't be part of it. but the majority do have sunday more open. so more players could join ;D please.

According to the survey, Saturday was the best day for 59% of respondents. Do feel free to name these people and I'll take it into consideration.

Source: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/26018
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20 months ago
reconsider those format changes, shaman.

- You may make it more complex, creating more confusion than previously
- does not make it easier to determine who to play next.
- Team may end up playing each other more than reasonable.
- games may cycle for some quicker than others, 3 for one 1 for others.
- i think a RR or 2xelim works well, because can see who to play next and carry on, if both available.
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20 months ago
Personally im a fan of 2Xelim, but the draw need to be created by seed. so best vs worst, 2nd best vs 2ndworse etc, then the 2worse losses play each other, to struggle to stay in... etc.

after a few rounds u get less games, less confusion , less pointless games, and hopefully faster cycles.

Also, this creates a structure for the final rounds directly.
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20 months ago
I'm in.
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20 months ago
- does not make it easier to determine who to play next.

How so? You have a group of people who have similar score. First round half and half. Pairing winners with winners this gives us a very easy to determine method of deciding who plays who and saves on decision cycles. This has a faster cycle timing than the original format. I highly doubt anyone will get 3 rounds ahead because they're still semi-bound to other people's rounds as only people who have the same score may play other people with similar score.

- You may make it more complex, creating more confusion than previously

This can/should be negated with my tools that should be bestowed on me during the tournament along with new management style. I'll also not be streaming the tournament and instead be focusing on management aspect this time.
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20 months ago
can i just collect my silver coin\cup now?
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20 months ago
What a major disappointment.
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20 months ago
I think first announcing a tourney at the beginning of the weekend before (ie ~8 days notice instead of 20) could help participation.
  • when the announcement is shortly after the previous tourney there's some sort of burnout that makes people reluctant to sign up again.
  • people don't want to tie themselves up so long in advance so they wait, and forget over time.
  • people get discouraged when they see the thread hanging for a long time without any signups.
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