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When restricted to only building Strider Hubs, computer players don't build Athenas!

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10 months ago
I recently decided to try creating a Strider Hub only challenge, where players aren't allowed to build any kind of factory except for Strider Hubs, but they're still allowed to build Athenas, and yes, as expected, without the ability to just plop down a Strider Hub for free, the early game was a bit slower since we had to wait until our economy was robust enough before we could start undertaking the long task of building a Strider Hub, followed by an Athena, which would allow us to build up our starting forces of Fleas, Bandits, Blitzes, etc., with the option of creating more Conjurers to assist in claiming more mexes.

Sadly, the AI, an easy Circuit AI to be exact, thought that it would be a good idea to build a Dante as soon as they built their Strider Hub. Needless to say, a lone Flea was able to derail that plan when it successfully managed to get close to the Strider Hub, and do more damage-per-second to it before it could finish building the Dante, while a few Blitzes mopped up the enemy commander.

Maybe you guys could consider giving the AI the ability to work with being restricted to only using Athenas for construction purposes in case others would like to try out such a challenge themselves? Personally, I think it would be a fun challenge for players looking for something new to try out.

By the way, if anyone wants to try this challenge outin multiplayer or skirmish matches, go to Advanced Options, click on the "Start" tab, then within the box next to "Disable Units", enter the following phrase: factorycloak + factoryshield + factoryveh + factoryhover + factorygunship + factoryplane + factoryspider + factorytank + factoryjump + factoryamph + factoryship
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10 months ago
cool i like variation.. ofc the ai doesnt even know it cant build labs.. it tries and cant.. so it tries again..
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10 months ago
AI is designed to win the base game. It is not designed to play weird variations of the base game. A common feature of AI is that if you change the parameters of the task the AI needs to perform, the AI logic does not change with it.

Also: use Brutal AI, Easy AI is lobotomized 😁
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