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Dual facs

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11 days ago
Fun question, what 2 land factories work best when combined?

Factories with units that can best compliment each other with abilities. I have my favourites, but only cuz im biased against some facs...

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11 days ago
Personally, mine would be tanks and striders, since I can start off with fast and durable Blitz and Kodachi harassment, and then build an Athena with the Strider Hub that I'd rush to build within 10 minutes, which would then allow me to support my tanks (and striders) with Bandits, Knights, Phantoms, and Irises to name a few.

However, if Strider Hubs don't count, then I suppose my next pick would be to combine the toughness of tanks with the support of Cloakbots. While I'd personally prefer to have Lances over Phantoms, I just like the Glaives, Knights, and Irises enough that I'd wouldn't pass them up for Lances.
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11 days ago
Shield fac + spider fac aspis+recluses vs firewalker + raketters if sumo or porc nearly uncounterable also gives you a good raider and 100x better riot support among many other things.

JJ + shield cause felon ball and sumo is the best synergy in the game

cloaky + hover cause clancer is cancer

air + spiders cause owl can give you enough time to move your snails where they are needed and thunderbird can help your hermit push vs porc,and wyvern can counter arty sometimes

jj + heavy tanks cause placeholder and moderators + emisarry is hilarious

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11 days ago
I like Spiders + another fac because of flea mainly. Flea + any sort of long range artillery is really great. Impaler, Phantom, Emissary ... they are all great pals with flea

Shields + Rovers for domi ball is a classic. Shields work well with a lot of stuff mainly b/c of Aspis. But mutating Aegis > Apsis can also work.

Tanks + Cloaks is also pretty useful for the contrast in styles. When the blunt force attacks of tanks no longer are as effective, switching to cloaks and sneaking a bunch of stuff through can be unexpectedly effective.
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11 days ago
tank + tank (so you can build cyclops and welders in parallel)
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11 days ago
gs + gs so you can maximize your blastwings per second.
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11 days ago
Cloaky plus Gunship for Reaver Drop.
Rover plus Planes for meteorblitzkrieg (also works for other fast factories like cloaky, but rover has it really sorted with move fast and break things especially now that Darts can slow disarmed enemies to let other rovers catch up).
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11 days ago
Shields + gs. Roach (snitch) + dropships (charon wutf??) + me.
Shields + clokies. Roach (snitch) + eraser (iris).
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11 days ago
land facs
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11 days ago
But roach drops are my thing. :\

Shamanism factories:

Air - Cloaky (Small Teams): Absolutely wreck your face if no air.
Air - Rover (Small Teams, Big maps): Moar wrecking your face.
Tanks - Gunships: For old goliath drop. Now likely defunct.
Gunships - Ships: Classic shaman drop that few people expect. Almost exclusive.
Gunships - Amph: The preferred shaman drop that almost everyone knows and fears.
Cloaky - Tank: Defunct one-two punch. Used to be used to spam scythes then spam goliaths.
Hovers - Spiders: Theoretical Cancer
Jumpjet - Hovers: Theoretical cancer

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11 days ago
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10 days ago
jj + athena. cloak you cloacked skittles to decrease decloak radius. add fleas/conjuer/jethro for more vision to maximize scanning for skittle magnets.
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